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February 20, 2017
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Pre-sale prepping can go a long way. Follow these cheap, simple six tips for a quick house sale to help your house sell faster.

Putting your house up for sale can lead to a variety of financial expenses, including—but not limited to—realtor fees and doubled housing costs (if you have moved to a new home and must carry the cost of both places until your house sells). Inevitably, the longer your house sits on the market, the more pressure you may feel to lower your asking price—thus resulting in even more lost money. Conclusively, a quick house sale is always the best-case-scenario for sellers.

Prepping your house for a quick sale doesn’t have to be expensive and time consuming. Ranging from curb appeal improvement to interior aesthetics, there are many cheap, simple changes that can greatly increase your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers.

Improve Curb Appeal

It should go without saying that great curb appeal encourages a quick house sale, but this is something sellers often forget or neglect to address. The exterior of your home and the plot of land upon which it sits provide potential buyers with their first impression—so make sure everything looks as inviting as possible. Clean/pressure-wash any exterior walls and windows, manicure the lawn, trim those hedges and maybe even plant a few flowers. Also, get rid of any unattractive debris, such as out-of-place children’s toys or garbage.

Set the Stage

Real estate-related reality television programs show us the vast effect a home’s staging has on its ability to sell. Watch a few episodes of any home buying show, and you will witness a large percentage of potential buyers’ complaints revolving around décor and style issues. Staging a home’s interior is much easier to do if you aren’t living in your house while it’s on the market. Attractive furniture and minimalistic, classy décor (preferably impersonal—no family pictures or clutter) should be arranged in a way that helps buyers envision each room’s live-in and decorative potential.

If you are creative, you can do this yourself—if not, you may opt to hire a professional stager. Either way, setting the stage can lead to a quick house sale.

Update Power Outlets

This is one of those easy, inexpensive updates that can make a measurable difference on your home’s allure to potential buyers. Upgrading to newer outlets with USB ports can really make your home stand out and influence prospects—especially young buyers or tech savvy professionals. You can purchase USB port-inclusive outlets for $15 to $40 each. Even if you don’t want to replace all of your outlets, you can encourage a quick house sale by at least outfitting bedrooms with this modern convenience.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Yes, it is simple. Yes, it should go without saying. Yes, it does make a huge difference. Obviously, a clean house will draw more potential buyers than a dirty one—but this tip goes beyond dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming and washing the windows (though you should definitely perform all of these actions as well). If you want to entice prospects, you absolutely must get rid of clutter and personal effects whenever possible. Shoppers find it more difficult to see a home’s positive structural and aesthetic attributes when it has a lived-in appearance. The more fresh, clean and new-looking the interior, the better the chances for a quick house sell.

Price it Right

Surely you have an ideal price you would like to receive for your house, but you must also price it to sell. Getting an appraisal is the easiest way to ascertain a home’s true value. The appraisal will not only help you set a fair price, but can also provide you with the education necessary to knowledgably consider other offers.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Nothing kills a sale quicker than Neighbor Bob checking the mail in his undies and bathrobe during a house showing. Talk to your neighbors and let them know when you have an appointment to show your home to a potential buyer. Most neighbors will be mindful of this and will avoid doing anything that might scare off prospects. They may even be inclined to trim and clean-up their own lawn—further bettering your curb appeal.

While nothing can guarantee a quick house sale, these tips can certainly increase those odds. Good luck! For more information about homes for sale in Brentwood CA, homes for sale in Antioch CA, visit

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